The Genius Trick For Uniformly Dicing Cheese For A Charcuterie Board

To uniformly cube or cube cheese to your sausage board (and on the similar time save time having fun with your celebratory meal and firm), merely pull out a cooling shelf – precisely the one you employ to bake your cookies for the Christmas season. You can place the cooling shelf instantly over a bowl, place the cheese block of your selection on it and press it down. The ensuing items of cheese are all the identical dimension. Cuisine at Home shares the added bonus that it additionally makes cleansing up rather a lot simpler, particularly when you’re utilizing a non-stick rack. As easy as that! However, there are a few caveats associated to the density of the cheese.

Vivian Chan, the recipe tester within the take a look at kitchen for Food Network, demonstrates this method in a YouTube video whereas she prepares an egg salad and dices all the things from eggs to feta cheese along with her sensible Dandy cooling shelf. As you will see that, this technique works greatest for softer cheeses. Of course, the more durable the cheese, the extra muscle mass it wants, however the result’s a uniform cheese in cubes or cubes (and as a aspect impact metal arms). So the following time you are placing your sausage board collectively, do this hack for slicing your cheese and revel in!

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