The formula that returns real-time stock prices

Formulas, shortcuts, and different scorching spreadsheet ideas.

Confession: I don’t use a private finance app to trace my bills or internet price. I’ve been utilizing a Google Sheets spreadsheet for years and my solely criticism was that I could not simply preserve monitor of my internet price in actual time. That ended after I found GOOGLEFINANCE ().

The formula returns the reside worth of a stock, mutual fund, ETF, or cryptocurrency. It can even present you historic prices, fund expense ratios, or the variety of shares excellent with a couple of further inputs. Here you possibly can see the total energy.

In Excel: Yes, Excel can even return stock quotes. Put every ticker in its personal cell> spotlight the cells> select Data> Stocks> faucet the sq. that seems above your first highlighted cell> choose the info level you need.

In Google Sheets: Enter = GOOGLEFINANCE () in a clean cell with the ticker image in brackets. You can see within the GIF above that I’m referencing a listing of pattern tickers and multiplying the formula by the variety of shares to sum the portfolio’s worth.

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