Poached Rhubarb with Blood Orange and White Chocolate Recipe

This stunning dessert is the perfect combination of blood orange and rhubarb – two high-season ingredients that add a colorful dash of sweetness towards the end of winter and early spring. Served with a snappy almond biscuit on top, it requires some planning in advance to be able to peel off. Take your time in the kitchen, however, and you will be rewarded with a knockout dish to end each meal.

Note that some of the more time-consuming items (like candied orange, crystallized thyme, and rhubarb puree) are only needed to top up the biscuit. To make this dish easier, you can just focus on what’s in the jar and serve with the store. store-bought cookies or your own simpler cookie recipe (though it’s nice to have something crunchy to enjoy with).

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