Oakshire Brewing’s Guide to Smoothie Sours — New School Beer + Cider

Smoothie breweries to check out:

Claim 52 (Eugene OR) THICC series

Vegan smoothie beers with tons of fruit and other delicious additions like graham crackers and vanilla. Also check out the STUFFED Smoothie range for more dessert-like deals.

Urban South – HTX (Houston, TX) SPILLED series

These guys are going wild; Everything from candy to exotic fruits to white chocolate, pralines and coconut, while everyone stays delicious!

The Veil (Richmond, VA) Tastee Series

Some of the original smoothie acids that contain lactose. That’s one reason people seek these because they are delicious.

Burley Oak (Berlin, MD) JREAM

My first encounter with cheesecake in a smoothie sour and it didn’t disappoint. Tons of wild ingredients and definitely the limits of what people can consider pickling beer.

Drekker Brewing (Fargo, ND) Braaaaaaaains

Super solid smoothies that you can find in high-end bottle stores throughout the PACNW, which makes it easier to find some of the others on the list that are only sold in the brewery’s taproom. Well worth looking for.

Kings Brewing (Rancho Cucamonga, CA) Fros’e

These guys absolutely tear up smoothie beers and do an absolutely grueling job. They don’t shy away from new and interesting ingredient and flavor profiles, they just kill them with good old fruit bomb combinations.

The brewing project (Eau Claire, WI) Puft Tart

These guys are making their way to the northwest with their series Puff Tart and Puff Tart XL. Slammed with fruit and vanilla. It’s worth checking out if you can find them on the shelf of your favorite bottle store.

RAR Brewing (Cambridge, MD) out of service

The second cheesecake I had pissed off and solidified that I’d take my chance to make one myself. This crew goes to extremes without an ingredient being out of play. I’ve seen everything from blue raspberry snow cone syrup to cotton candy and pastry cream incorporated and well done!

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