Internet Has a New Favourite in the Pinata Cakes, the Latest ‘Smashing’ Food Trend

Cakes and desserts occupy a high place on the menus of parties, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries or other milestones, which is why special attention is paid to the design and size of the cake. Dessert chefs and bakers try all kinds of experiments and create innovative cakes.

After the “tsunami cake” or “pull-me-up” cake rocked the internet, another style of cake is gaining popularity on the internet. ‘Pinata’ cakes or ‘smash’ cakes have jumped on the latest food trending cart that has taken the internet by storm. While people love the latest in unique creativity, celebrities are equally embracing the trend for their celebrations.

The word pinata means roughly pot and originally comes from the Spanish language. It is a tradition to have pinatas on birthdays and other festivals that can be traced back to North America. Pinatas refer to a vessel filled with candy and other goodies that was hung from the ceiling or on a string from a great height, and which was smashed with a bat while blindfolded.

The trend reached India – where it is known as the “Khoi Bag” and has been applied to cakes to add an interesting twist to simple dessert.

Check out this latest food craze here:

The concept behind these cakes is an outer layer of hard chocolate that covers the cakes inside. The cake inside is also packed with several layers. The cake is visually appealing in any shape you want and you have to break the outer layer by smashing it to get the real cake inside. Usually a small hammer or tool is put with the pinata cake to break the cover with.

Sometimes the outer layer contains treats like macaroons, chocolates, cupcakes, and cookies instead of a traditional cake, which can be surprising. The trend makes the usual cake cutting a little exciting and unique, as you can keep guessing what’s wrapped in it.

Bollywood celebrities like Shruti Haasan also tried the pinata cake on her 35th birthday. She smashed the hard chocolate coating with a hammer, which contained another cake with strawberries and buttercream.

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