Ex Amon Amarth Drummer Fredrik Andersson Apologizes To His Former Bandmates For ‘The Grievance’ He Has Caused

Ex-AMON AMARTH drummer Fredrik Andersson has apologized to his former bandmates for “the complaint” he caused by publicly requesting that he give his “rightful share of the rights and publications” to the AMON AMARTH Shots that he appears on.

Andersson was fired by AMON AMARTH in March 2015 as the band prepared to enter the studio to begin work on their 2016 album “Jomsviking”. AMON AMARTH decided to hire a session drummer, Tobias Gustafsson (VOMITORY, CUT UP), while recording the CD, but hired Jocke Wallgren to join them on the street. Wallgren was made a permanent member of AMON AMARTH in September 2016.

On Wednesday (February 24th) Andersson wrote on his social media: “This will be my last post on the AMON AMARTH issue and it is positive for me as I have come to a realization. I wrote to members (have none Answer received), but also wants to close the book publicly. As Einstein said, if you expect a different result, you have to try a different approach.

“And for the longest time I expected that the guys would change their minds or regret their decision. I’ve now come to the conclusion that they won’t. They have already made up their minds that they are right and theirs Position off, there is no point in trying to change your mind.

“Backstory: After [AMON AMARTH’s second full-length album, 1999’s] In ‘The Avenger’ we had a deal that we would share everything right away. We shared all the money equally so that there would never be an argument about who would have their songs on the album (on the Avenger, the split for Olli was 100% music [guitarist Olavi Mikkonen] and 100% texts too [singer Johan] Hegg). The idea was that the best material would always end up on the albums no matter who wrote it. Unfortunately, most (not all) of my riffs and ideas were turned down, but on this deal I didn’t really care and they were obviously turned down because they weren’t good enough.

“Five years ago, after a year of fighting over royalties, publications, rights, and demands for secrecy, we sat down with our lawyers to reach an agreement. I tried to get my 20%, but I did I couldn’t prove which songs I actually wrote – the drums are not legally part of the music – as I lost my share of the rights and removed my name as a songwriter, so they offered me my share of the songs because I’m so few I told them to keep them too. I don’t regret it, but I must confess I never expected them to actually remove me. They did.

“Why I felt entitled to my share: I was never ‘hired’, I was asked to join the band when there was no income. There was no business. In fact, there wasn’t one in the band for the first five or so years Income. In 1999-2008 my average annual income was $ 15,000 / year due to low income and lost income from my day job due to free time for touring, etc. Nobody in the band made a lot of money, which was the reason we didn’t record could Fate of the Norns together as a band, none of us could afford to take three weeks off if we wanted to tour on the album as well.

“We registered our business in 2007 and started doing it around 2008. (With an average annual income of $ 30,000) The band grew bigger from then on. We kept a relatively low payout and kept most of our income back into the band One could argue that the stocks I claimed would be compensation for loss of income / pension losses in the early years, and one could argue that my share of these albums is pretty small compared to what the band is doing now But me and the other members obviously have different opinions on this. Their point of view is that we never really said that a member would keep their share of the music rights if they were no longer in the band. This is true, we never did.

We also never said that we weren’t allowed to keep the shares after a departure. I accepted that. Both facts are true, but they cannot coexist. So now I’m going to resign.

“At some point I’ll know for sure that if someone else of the four members leaves the band or if they retire together, they’ll have to adjust their stakes too. If they don’t, it’ll be obvious that they’re just kidding But time will tell if they can keep their 25% for life (and 70 years after death). As the youngest I will probably survive them. Until then, I will give them the benefit of the doubt.

“With all of this and my final airing of the issues, I apologize to the members and fans for the complaint I made while battling a lost case. I was wrong to assume that I should keep my share.” I close the book now and wish the band continued success.

“Please remember that my anger was never about losing my place in the band, it never was. I’m glad not to be in the band anymore and I will happily never be a part of it again (Sorry fans who want something different, but I think Jocke deserves all the attention he gets and I wish him all the best!)

“I’m just disappointed that it ended the way it was and I realize it could have ended differently had I admitted I was wrong earlier. That would have been an even greater economic loss for me, however .

“However, I will not apologize for calling Johan Hegg a liar. The things he said about me in Sweden Rock Magazine are not true and he still has to apologize to me.”

In 2019, Andersson spoke to the Greek gallery The Gallery about the circumstances that led to his departure from AMON AMARTH. Fredrik said, “There has been some friction between me and the other members for quite some time. It seemed to me that they were banding together on me, even though they never really approved me as” one of them “, even in the early stages Years. But at least then we could hang out and call each other friends. In later years and I can only guess, but maybe they felt that since we were dividing all the money evenly, I should either be more grateful and do that what they told me, or they just thought it was wrong for me to get paid right away. I attract I don’t know. But in the end everything I did or said was wrong. “

He continued, “I particularly remember one of the last times I played in Greece. It was the last day of the tour and we flew home the next day. While I was warming up for the show, Olli came on me and said my snare hits were not consistent enough. He said I played too softly during the sound check and too loudly during the show, or more precisely, the individual hits were either soft or loud. As I know for sure this is bullshit i have i may not have been the most technical drummer but if anything i am at least consistent i found it really untactical to come up with these complaints five minutes before the show and it ruined the whole show for me. And there were many other times like this where they just said that I was wrong about something, that my opinion was wrong or just silly, it got very frustrating and it built into really strong rei exercise on. “

In a 2016 interview with the Brazilian podcast Wikimetal, Mikkonen said of AMON AMARTH and Andersson’s split: “I don’t really want to go into details about Fredrik, but basically we just broke up. It’s like a marriage that doesn’t. ” It doesn’t work and you’re getting a divorce. And that’s exactly what happened to our band. “

AMON AMARTH bassist Ted Lundström described Wallgren as “a super solid drummer” who is “very professional” and “always on hand”. He added, “It’s a lot easier to play when you have a drummer who is [tight]. It makes our life easier. ”

This will be my last post on Amon Amarth, and it’s positive for me as I’ve come to a realization. I…

Posted by Fredrik Andersson on Wednesday 24th Feb 2021

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