903 Brewers is expanding its beer production

SHERMAN, Texas (KXII) – At 903 years old, brewery owner Jeremy Roberts said it was time to upgrade.

Roberts and his team have bought a new canning line that they can use to brew 250 boxes per hour, compared to the 80 boxes they made before.

“This new line of cans will help us do what we normally can in two hours, in one day,” said Roberts.

903 Brewers bought their new canned line from Real Ale in Blanco, Texas.

“Our canning line was our crush. That slowed us down. Upgrading to a much larger canning line will help us get more beer out, faster, and then better quality product,” said Roberts.

903 brewery beers are currently sold in Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, California and Arizona. However, this year they signed a contract with an exporter to have their beer sold in Mexico, Europe and Canada.

Roberts bought the new canning line this week and is waiting for it to arrive in the next few weeks.

“We’re very excited about this, it’s a new challenge for us, but we’re excited to bring it here to our brewery,” said Roberts.

Despite the pandemic, Roberts was able to hire more people for the company as takeaway alcohol sales increased.

“We also offer curbs to take away. So you just hit the road, give us a call on our phone number and we will take you straight to your car, whether it is food or beer and if you are not comfortable walking into you I can take that away “Said Roberts.

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