7 Great Cuban Pizzas To Try Around Miami – Miami

For the uninitiated, Cuban pizza is basically a pan pizza with a thick crust and an impressive amount of cheese that melts to create a perfectly crispy cheese halo that circles the pizza like a crown. And like many of the best things in Miami, it’s a transplant.

Cuban pizza has its roots in Cuba, where many family-run restaurants (called “paladares”) mostly serve it to take away. There people tend to fold their pizza in half like a taco and eat it outdoors or walking to one of the public WiFi spots. In Havana, they prefer a thinner dough that is ideal for folding, but outside of the city the dough can be a little thicker. And in Miami (specifically in Hialeah, which is where most of the places in this guide are) you see a bit of both styles, especially with some of my personal favorites like Star Chiguas or Polo Norte.

But one thing that is out of the question is that you should order a personal pizza – even if the place offers larger cakes. For some reason, the personal pizzas always taste better and they do the trick, whether you’re getting a quick lunch or feeding a family of hungry alligators. It’s also worth noting that some of these places offer food in addition to pizza, but let’s keep in mind that this is strictly a Cuban pizza guide so this is not a judgment on the restaurants as a whole. Here are seven of our favorites.

There are many Polo Nortes all over Miami, but there is only one Cuban Polo Norte restaurant that is no longer affiliated with the other places. This Polo Norte is still in the original room, which opened in the early 90s and has since become a local institution. Rumor has it that at some point there was some kind of drama between this place and the others that we think could turn out to be a great Netflix miniseries. But most of the time, Cuban pizza and ice cream make them famous. The pizza here has a thicker crust, lots and lots of cheese, and toppings that go under the cheese. The question arises as to whether it’s a topping-out ceremony if it’s not upstairs. But who cares? I just want some pizza – specifically their ham pizza. They grind the ham so that it is extra fine and covers the entire cake. They also have a great ice cream parlor with flavors like Naranja-Piña, Mamey, Malta and Mantecado and options like Copa Lolita (two scoops on a flan) or Pico Turquino (a rum cake with ice cream).

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