2021 March Madness bracket: Only one perfect entry remains after first day in CBS Sports Bracket Challenge

Oral Roberts Beats Ohio State's 2021 NCAA TournamentUSATSI

A day. A perfect bracket in the CBS Sports Bracket Challenge. The NCAA basketball tournament is back for the first time since 2019 – after it was canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic outbreak in the United States last spring – and March certainly brought the usual madness with it. Only one player in the CBS Sports Bracket Challenge correctly selected all 16 winners on day one.

The first big domino to fall came in the South Region, where number 15 Oral Roberts upset Ohio State number 2 75-72 in absolute shock on Friday. How big is the shock? Of those who used the CBS Sports Bracket Challenge, 97% of the Buckeyes had beaten the Golden Eagles in the first round, and for good reason – it is only the ninth time since the field was expanded to 64 teams in 1985 that a Seed # 15 knocked out a seed # 2. To make matters worse for some of these OSU supporters, 4% of all Bracket Challenge players had the Buckeyes who won the whole thing.

After that, the number of perfect brackets was pretty low and that number continued to decrease for the rest of the day with more glitches. No. 12 seed Oregon State defeated No. 5 seed Tennessee, No. 11 seed Syracuse handled No. 6 seed San Diego State in the Midwest Regional, and No. 13 seed North Texas eliminated No. 4 seed Purdue in the South Regional.

March Madness has really returned, the surprises and surprises will continue into this year’s NCAA tournament.

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